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About Me

As long as i can remember i loved to make, build, and create things. It's all i ever wanted to do. Growing up in Los Angeles, i was surrounded by amazing musicians, art, and artist. Eventually these things helped shape who i am today. I also love technology, i grew up on it and the things i love to do would not be possible without it. My love for art and technology were the major factors behind me deciding to pursue a career as a Web Developer and Graphic Designer. I believe that the key to happiness lies in doing what you love to do everyday.

I studied Graphic Design & Computer Science at Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California. Soon after i attended Oxford Institute of Technology in Tarzana, California to recieve formal training with Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. Most recently i graduted from The Coding Boot Camp at UCLA, to further my programming skills.

Some frontend technologies i use are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, PHP, Drupal, JQuery, Gulp, Grunt, NodeJS, ExpressJS, HandlebarsJS, React, Redux, Router, Webpack, Angular 4, and Sequelize. I am also familiar with SQL databases, As well as Non-SQL databases such as MongoDB and Google's Firebase.

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Dreaming for a living in sunny California since 1990

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